Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One of the most fulfilling things in my life right now is being a foster mom to surrendered Bengal cats through Great Lakes Bengal Rescue.  Through this organization I have managed to place 3 very wonderful kitties and adopt two of my own.  I first knew I wanted to volunteer with rescue work after I had to put down my beautiful kitty Izzy.  Izzy wandered into our lives after one Christmas about 3 years ago.  It took me about a week to get him to come out from under our little deck so that I could take him to a vet.  I knew he was sick, but he didn't trust me enough to actually come out.  It was so cold and snowy, yet I sat on the deck with the kennel with tuna in the back waiting for him to come out and take the tuna.  He did eventually venture into the kennel and I frantically looked for a vet willing to see him right away.  The poor little guy was near death.  Finally, I managed to find a vet and upon checking him over the prognosis was not good.  Izzy stayed the night and I picked him up the next day.  The vet said he's a fighter, he'd managed to survive the night.  For the next 7 days I nursed Izzy back to health.  Laying with him and coaxing him to eat.  He started to gain weight and become active and reach good health again.  Suddenly one night, Izzy started to have an attack and couldn't breathe.  We rushed him to the emergency animal hospital and found out that Izzy had a very severe case of asthma caused from pneumonia he'd had while being on his own.  Izzy blessed our lives for 9 wonderful months. 

Izzy at the day at the vets when I first caught him.
Izzy at the vet, sick and underweight

Izzy after being nursed back to health

I knew that Izzy wasn't going to be with us for much longer and my daughter would be so upset so we went to the Southside Animal Shelter and adopted a kitty for her, we named Stormy.

Stormy relaxing on the couch
After we lost Izzy, I knew that I wanted to do as much as I could for animals need which led us to adopt another kitty, he looks just like my Izzy, that had been in a shelter for almost a year and a half.  He's my very special little boy and has a room all to himself.  He has our master suite all to himself as he doesn't socialize well with other animals.  He's very shy and timid.  Maximillion loves his rooms though.  He has a cat tree by window that over looks the woods in the backyard, a walk in closet to climb all around, and a huge king size bed to snooze on.


Now we have Rajhi our first Bengal kitty we adopted through Great Lakes Bengal Rescue.  He's just a little over a year old and full of life.  He can jump as high as 5 feet from the ground.  He's also known to do flips in the air trying to catch a feather.

Rajhi the Baby

Our latest adoptee is Lola.  She is the sweetest cat in the world and absolutely adores my daughter.  If you are looking for Lola, just find Lexi and you'll find Lola.

Lola the Mama (she mother's everyone)

Lola to gets a drink

It's the only way she will drink
Now I'm just waiting to get word on the next foster I will take in until we find a forever home for him or her.

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