Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Banner for Etsy Shop

Ok, I think I finally got the banner I want done for my Etsy shop Belle Gemme by Lisa.  After many different attempts, I am satisfied with my efforts.  I have learned so much along the way with my new Adobe Photoshop Premier Elements and I still have tons more to learn.    Well here it is.  If you like it please let me know.

Purple is one of my favorite colors along with pink.  The rose is also my favorite flower along with the Calla lilly.  That is one of my pieces of jewelry I made, which will also be for sale.  It is one of my favs.  It is made from rose quartz, amethyst and lapis lazuli and a sterling silver clasp and extension chain with a little heart at the end of the chain.  I hope to see you when I get my store open; I can't wait.

Love, LisaKay

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