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So as many of you artists/crafters know our studios are always in a state of chaos and re-organizing.  I think part of it is, or at least for me, that I am always getting new supplies and saving up items like cardboard, boxes, bubble wrap and other such items to incorporate into my art projects.  Right now my room is a hodge podge of used pieces I've kept instead of selling at a garage sale or donating to Goodwill.  I would eventually like my studio be a white and black theme, so as time allows I paint a piece here and there.

So without further ado here are the latest pictures of where I create.

It is always a little bit messy as I am in there at least once a day.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get the video camera set up so I can start filming some tutorials to put on my YouTube channel.  I hope each of you enjoy your studios as much as I enjoy mine.  Happy creating!


A couple new photos of the Art Studio (always ever changing)

here is Bethany and Emma, two or our three new members of the family.  They are snuggling a little pin bed on one of my art tables.

I still have shelves and pegboard to put up for my paints and tools.  I decided to put both tables side by side. Makes it a lot easier for me.

Shelves above my white table.  I have to have a place for my dolls.  I need to get some organizers for the bottom shelf.

Nessy the third member of the 3 orphaned kitten sisters I took in when they were 1 week old.  She's snuggling on my Italian chair by the window, best seat in the studio.

Here are the remainder of the photos of my art studio.

I have been very blessed to have a wonderful husband, daughter and home.  In the last 2 years I have been afforded the opportunity to quit working in my field as a paralegal.  After 20 years in litigation the stress finally won and my health became so bad that I had to quit, which in the end was far more rewarding than I thought it would be.  It lent me the opportunity to finally devote time to my creative side.  I've always sewn, quilted, cross-stitched and created floral crafts, now I have started designing my own jewelry (which will soon be listed on my etsy store) and learn to draw and paint.  Oh how my heart sings when I pick up my art/paint supplies and start creating something.

My art has truly saved my life.  My health is much better.  I went from a barely functioning, in and out of the hospital, visiting numerous specialist to a functioning person who only has to see the doctor occasionally now.  I still have medical issues that won't go away, but life is a much brighter, happier place now.  My outlook on life went from grim and bleak to seeing the pretty pink and blue skies again.  I am truly blessed!

Now here are pictures of where I create my art.  My studio is a work in progress and I have more plans for it, but alas there's that pesky budget thing again!  I'm learning to use the items I have and making them look prettier so my room is rather eclectic.

Okay, I know, it's a bit cluttered.  The desk was made by my husband's grandfather and is very dear to us.  I plan to paint the filing cabinet, but I haven't decided yet what color.

The dresser was my daughter's when she was a little girl, but now that she is a teenager we bought her a different bedroom set, so I inherited the dresser.  I'm going to dingy it up and change out the handles and add some decorative pieces.  

The dress hanging up is one of my daughter's from when she was a little girl and was one of my favorites. I just couldn't part with it.

The fabric on the back of the beige/gold chair is going to be used to recover the chair on the left, which I also plan to paint a pale pink.

this table used to be a light oak color and was my husband's before we married.  I painted it white and instead of sanding it and making it chippy, I just let the chips happen on their own.  Not very organized, sorry. I try to clean up, but it never stays that way....LOL

this chair is oh so comfy.  I bought it at an estate sale and it is a wonderful Italian chair which I often curl up in and draw.  If' I'm not in it the kitties can often be found lounging there.

I must have music.  The closet (I won't show the inside) is where I hide all the tubs of florals, foams, extra fabric, etc.  A major requirement in the room is the cat tree.  I've taken it out a couple times and the cats get mad and attack my dress form so the tree always comes back in.

My shelves with my books and other bits and pieces.  My two guitars in the background.  My daughter has taken my pink stratocaster to her room.  My new canvas which I will be starting a painting inspired by Klimt on very soon.

One of my favorite prints to your right of a quaint little Greek town.  I so envision myself sitting on that terrace sipping vino and sketching!  The Ukulele is from Hawaii.  We got that on the Big Island while we were there on our honeymoon.  The clock in the background is one I painted.

The necklace is one of my bead designs.  My dolls...oh I love my dolls.  My little organizer of paints, mediums, glues, scrapbook materials, stamping supplies and other odds and ends.

Well that's about it for now.  I've been thinking of painting the room a very pale shade of pink, which I'm really loving the idea, but not the thought of having to clear out the room to do it!  What do you think, would a pale pink look nice?  I hope you enjoyed my little tour.

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