Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Art Journal Project

I have learned a very valuable lesson.  In order to get better at drawing one must draw a little every day.  I hadn't picked up my art journal in months, many reasons why and I decided to the other night.  The piece I drew I was very upset with, so I sat down in earnest yesterday and started to draw.  So far I am liking her.  I plan to shade her in with color pencils and add a background.  Here she is so far.

I feel I put her eyes a little too far up, but over all I'm happy.  Much better than the drawing from the previous evening...LOL.

If you enjoy art or learning art as much as I do, please check out my friends new site.  She's a wonderful artist.  http://shwekhit.ning.com/  I'm looking forward to taking her digital art class and plan to take her oil painting class too.  Happy creating!!

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