Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Pink Houses for Pink Saturday

As I contemplate many things today one of those is the dream I have to one day have a pretty pink house to live in.  One of my all time favorite songs is Little Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellancamp.  I love the symbolism behind the song of every day American life.  For those of you who may not know the lyrics here they are:

There's a black man, with a black cat
Living in a black neighborhood.
He's got an interstate running through his front yard
Ya know he thinks, he's got it so good.
And there's a women, in the kitchen
Cleaning up the evenin' slop.
And he looks at her and says
'Hey darlin' I remember when you could stop a clock.'

Oh but ain't that America for you and me.
Ain't that America something to see baby
Ain't that America home of the free
Little pinks houses for you and me.

There's a young man, in a t-shirt
Listenin' to a rock n roll station.
He's got greasy hair, greasy smile
He says, "Lord this must be my destination."
'Cause they told me when I was younger
"Boy you're gonna be president."
But just like everything else those old crazy dreams
Just kinda came and went.


Well there's people and more people
What do they know know know
Go to work in some high rise
And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico
Ooh yeah
And there's winners and there's losers
But they ain't no big deal
'Cause the simple man baby pays for the thrills, the bills,
the pills that kill


We all strive for something a little better than what we had growing up and wanting more for our children.  As I contemplate the economy I am truly afraid for our Nation's future and that of my daughter and her children.  I pray that those who are supposed to work for us, the citizens of this Country will see what really needs to be done and do it.  Now for something a little less surreal.  Here are some pictures I found on the internet of houses I can picture myself living in.

I can see myself sipping tea on the front porch there on a pretty sunny summer day

I imagine walking down this lovely street with fresh veggies and warm baked bread from the local store owners.  Wouldn't that just be oh so wonderful.

WOW!  Now my friends would never miss this!

drinking a lovely mint julep and welcoming my guest to my  bed and breakfast...maybe someday

baking cookies for the grandchildren, now this would be truly a home.

Just peaceful is what comes to mind when I envision living here.

Happy 3rd birthday and enjoy Pink Saturday and don't forget to visit Beverly


LV said...

Even if you never get to actually live in a pink house, you an always enjoy one in your dreams. Nothing wrong with dreaming in pink.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love John Mellencamp and I love your pink houses post! It's so nice to meet you! Twyla

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