Friday, October 1, 2010

Well as you can see I have been playing with my background yet again.  I've decided that this will always be a work in progress LOL.  I want to thank all the lovely, creative people out there that have allowed me and others to use their free backgrounds and those that offer tutorials.  I have learned so much lately and believe me when I say "I am no techie", so I am greatly appreciative for these people.  Three cheers to you!!  It's so much fun in blogland and I've met so many wonderful people along the way.  It has also inspired me creatively.  Since having to quit working over a year ago, I went through a real funk because of my medical issues and have been a real couch potato.  That was when I truly discovered blogging!  I'm sort of a shut in, so through blogging I feel like I'm still in touch with the outside world, along with getting my creative juices a flowin'.  I've been experimenting with altered art, collages, mixed media, of course my jewelry, and now photo manipulation.  I'm also going to start building a dollhouse (I'm hoping to give it to my niece as a Christmas present).  I think my furbabies are feeling a little neglected though because I'm no longer spending all my time on the couch or the bed giving in to my illnesses, so I'm not their personal pillow anymore.  They're adjusting now and not constantly following me back and forth as I go from room to room cleaning or off to my studio to create art.  Luckily I have a day bed in the studio with lots of cushy pillows and windows for them to look out.  Nothing funnier than seeing 3 kitties laying on the bed and a dog laying on the floor by the bed while I'm busying creating lovelies.  Soon the studio will be completely organized and set up the way I want it and then I won't have to be spending my time doing that, but spending time creating.  I can't wait!!  To all my lovely bloggers, happy bloggin!!!

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