Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life's Crazy!! Finally Made a New Tag.

This year has been so extremely cray, can't even begin to explain all that has happened.  Have you ever just been so overwhelmed by everything going on that you just wanted to hide away from the world?  Well that's how I've been feeling lately.  Our family has been especially hit with a lot of family illness and death.  I just keep praying that things will get better soon for everyone.  Cancer has been the major issue for our family this year.  It's such a horrible disease and it touches so many lives.  It's been very hard with me as it brings up so many memories of my father's battle with it, along with the 20th anniversary of his passing slowly approaching.

The last 3 weeks I have been battling with a cold/bronchitis so I figured while I am lying here trying to get better I'd haul out the computer and make a new tag.  I found a great tutorial at Disturbed by Gaby and a great scrap kit (PTU) Night Life by Gemini Creationz here.  The tube I used is by Angela Newman and was purchased at PSP Tubes Emporium but they are no longer in business so I am not sure where Angela is currently selling her tubes.  I hope you like the tag.

Have an awesome week!

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