Friday, April 15, 2011

In Need of Catching Up

Well, it seems as though it has been ages since I have posted on here.  Partly because my computer is not working with the internet and I need to take it in to have it looked at.  I've tried everything I know how to do and nothing has worked, so I am borrowing my daughter's computer when she let's me....LOL.  I have worked on my painting and I would say that I am about half way done.  I have a few other projects that I am going to start and I plan to make a sort of tutorial out of them so that if you enjoy the projects you can do them for yourselves.

The other reason I haven't posted is we finally made it to my mother and father in law's place in Florida this year for Spring break, only took us 10 years to get there.  Seems kind of pitiful that it took that long, but it was a lot harder to get mine and my husband's schedules to work out where we could both take time off, but now that I no longer work outside of the home, it is much easier.  However, we find that the finances are not there to do the vacations we would have been able to do in the past.  I guess there is always a trade off, right.   We plan to do some camping though and we usually enjoy that, plus we can take out dog with us.

Here are some pictures of our trip to Florida.  I hope you enjoy them.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts and tutorials.  I will be posting in the next few days.

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Fifi Flowers said...

I'm in need of a trip to the BEACH... GREAT photos!!!

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