Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Art Project - Sacred Box and new Art Swap Group

I am working on a new art project and it is my Sacred Box which will hold all of my art pages created for the latest art class I am taking on Willowing called Life Book.  It's a year long course and so far it is amazing.  I hope that you will check it out.  Here is just a portion of what will go on the top of my Sacred Box.  Lighting wasn't very good, so the pictures didn't turn out quite as good as I would have hoped.

I still need a lot of working on proportioning the eyes, but I think it's fairly good for only my 3rd drawing/painting.

I'd also like to announce a new Art Swap Group that I am hosting on Roses On My Table.  It's called Tins of Art and the trade is altered Altoids tins (or similar tins).  I hope you take a look at it and join in the fun.


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