Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ain't No Substitution

I've been playing with images again today and working with digital media in my paint shop pro.  I have so much to learn yet, but I've learned a lot so far.  Next I am going to learn how to make masks and templates.  I'm thinking I will need to upgrade my software so I can start making my own tubes instead of purchasing.  Although I love the artwork by many of the different artists that I've found on some of my favorite stores like PSP Tubes Emporium and Scraps and the City. The tube in this image is by Very Many at Scraps and the City and I really like it.

I'm still having a few issues with my plugins, but I'm hoping with the upgrade this will work itself out.  Well that's it for now, until the next one ;)


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Pink Thoughts said...

Wow! You are so talented. I wish I can do stuff like that too!

Icar said...

good job with your digital media undertaking!

angels and poinsettia really reminds me of Christmas!

visiting for PF#97, new GFC follower here...

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