Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finished My Background and Halloween Tin Swap

Things have been so hectic as I said earlier, but I did find time to finish my Halloween Tin for the Bliss Angels Halloween Tin Swap.  I felt kind of rushed because of all of the craziness and I had made a little ornament to go inside, but as I was packing it broke, so I started over.  How very frustrating that was.  I hope that my swap partner likes the one I made for her.  Please visit LeMay's lovely blog!!  Here are pictures of my Halloween Tin

And here is LeMay's to me.

I absolutely adore it and she made a lovely domino ornament to hang inside.

I just adore the domino!!

I also found a little time to make a new theme for my blog, which I love.  Oh how I have forgotten what fun it is to create backgrounds and tags!  Next I will be working on a new Halloween Tag.  Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!!

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