Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 and Happy Pink Saturday

As I look back through the year 2010 it has been a year filled with struggles for my family both financially and medically.  Having had to quit working because of my health issues, this situation came with both good and bad results.  The good being that my health has improved and I'm not having to see so many doctors and in and out of the hospital.  The bad being the lost income and the many medical bills we incurred.  But through these struggles my family has grown stronger as a family unit, so here is yet another good result.  We've learned to do without a lot of the extras that we were used to.  It's taught my daughter the value of money, family, home, health, respect, and pulling together in times of struggle. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.  It's taught me to be a better wife, mother and homemaker.  It's taught me to treat myself better and not work myself to the bone (I'm a reformed workaholic).  It's taught my husband to communicate more with me.  So in the end the struggles we've gone through have had many more good results than bad.  We still struggle financially, but so do so many others right now in this economy and some are far worse off than us.  My hope and prayer for 2011 is that the economy will get better, people who have lost theirs jobs will find employment, families will come together and lean on one another more and people with poor health will get better.

Now for a little bit of selfishness (he he) I so wish I could wear shoes like these again, but I'm not sure that I ever will again.  My leg (even 4 years later) still gives me problem, even though they've removed most of the hardware.  I fell in 2006 down our stairs and crushed my left leg, dislocated and chipped my ankle and tore all the tendons in my foot.  2 surgeries later and lots of PT I can now put my full weight on the leg while lifting my right leg.  This is just one of the many medical issues I've dealt with.  Here's another pair I found that I would love to wear.
Did I mention I'm addicted to shoes!  LOL.  My hubby asked me the other day while I was cleaning out the closet if I plan to sell any of my high heels.  I exclaimed "Absolutely Not!!"  I plan to be able to wear them again one day!

May everyone have a safe and happy New Year!!
Just a little photoshop deal I made!

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